Activ8 Framework

Our framework stems from our history working with elite athletes and the military to support high performance cultures. We've applied this same framework over the past 30 years to support breakthrough performance in teams, families, organizations, and communities. Below is a brief summary of the framework with more detail in our white paper.

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High Performance Culture

A high performing team is made up of individuals choosing to be accountable for the shared commitment of the team. Personal transformation, then, is the foundation of cultural transformation.

The domains of human experience provide the foundation for individual transformation. This enables high performance relationships to develop giving rise to the dynamics of the Cycle of Leadership which in turn establishes a high performance culture. Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 12.44.17 PM


When the dynamics of the Cycle of Leadership permeate the conversations throughout an organization, high performance is evident in the innovation, vision, and execution that are woven into every aspect of the culture. A Leadership Culture, one of high performance, is the result.

Team / Family

Communication is at the foundation of  high performance. High performing teams effectively utilize and distinguish between three types of conversations:

  • Conversations for Possibilities
  • Declarations
  • Conversations for Results

These critical communication capabilities give rise to the Cycle of Leadership.


Two sets of related behaviors form the  Six Living Principles: building accountability through awareness and choice; and building trust through honesty and integrity.  Relationships that exist with high levels of trust and accountability are an essential  foundation for high performance teams.


Leadership can be practiced intellectually, emotionally and physically.  The most powerful leaders use all three and center their behaviors in a purpose grounded in personal meaning.