Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 12.43.21 PMWe have a perspective on high performance and learning that has been tested and applied over the past 35 years and continues to evolve. It is designed "for" people rather than being done "to" people.

Our role is not to have "the answer" but to help create the conditions for our clients come up with theirs so they can thrive into the future.

Our approach first unlocks the untapped potential in each of us and then we co-create practices to make those shifts sustainable.

Our beleif is that learning is the ability to take a new action towards the outcome you desire. Knowledge is the starting point - what you do to apply that knowledge is learning.




The ability to understand and act upon stimuli -- in alignment with what one really cares about -- leads to increased performance in the moment and over time.

2. High performance is most sustainable through intrinsic motivation

Individuals perform at their best when they feel a sense of autonomy, feel supported in taking on new challenges, and feel real connection with peers creating the ability to connect and impact what matters most.

3. accountability forms the foundation for breakthrough performance and learning

Accountability reflects an individual choice to take action to achieve a desired impact – accountable individuals address gaps, step outside of their comfort zone and into their collective learning zone to in collaborate for the success of the whole.

4. individual and group performance improvements are mutually reinforcing

The highest-performing teams and organizations create environments that inspire each other, learn fast, commit to shared goals, and act with synchronicity.

5. effective leaders create the environment for accountability to thrive

A primary role for leaders is creating the environment for powerful conversations – that empower connected relationships where emergent leadership thrives.