Mother and Daughter Experience

As they go off to their first year of college, the relationship between mothers and daughters is at a crossroads.  Perhaps moms remember this as a time that was awkward in their own relationship with their mothers.  And daughters are rightfully excited for all their new opportunities and at the same time apprehensive about embarking on their new adventure.

Mothers and daughters will have moments in this transition that are scary and unnerving at best. The ability to navigate this change well depends a lot on the practices we put in place and the quality of this mother/daughter relationship.

What if you had  more time to connect with each other and gain some tools, confidence and resources to step into this transition and create a life that will make both of you happy and ready to grow and learn about this next phase of your lives? 

Activ8 has partnered with retired police officers Lisa Davis and Lora Hanks to create an unforgettable weekend for you and your daughter. Lisa and Lora have extensive experience empowering women of all ages to shift from potential victim to embody an aware and powerful presence, increase confidence and self-esteem. We combine experiences and tools from Activ8's long history creating clarity, connection and commitment, with practical skills and practices to empower you and your daughter to create a strong and powerful presence.

Join us to explore tools and techniques to design the life you both desire, create a mindset to navigate the unknown of this time and take action towards what you want most.




  • Build relationship tools to support a deeper mother-daughter connection 
  • Increase your capacity to create trust, collaborate and inspire engagement
  • Learn tools to step out of your comfort zone and into your learning zone
  • Experience a supportive community of self-aware and empowered families and peers 


  • Gain clarity on what is important to you and why; both individually and as a family
  • Empower each of you to step into decisions and take action towards what care most about
  • Raise awareness of your unconscious barriers and see new possibilities for yourselves and your future
  • Increase personal and situational awareness to minimize risk and make thoughtful and powerful choices


  • Manage stress and build resilience
  • Be your most powerful when it matters most
  • Learn practices to build a mindset to learn and grow with momentum
  • Experience powerful practices to support you when you are outside your comfort zone
  • Build awareness and establish practices to maintain physical and emotional safety

Session Information


April 12-14, 2019

5pm Friday April 12th - 3pm Sunday April 14th


Sugar Lake Lodge, Grand Rapids, MN


Price is all-inclusive per family (mother & daughter). Includes accommodation, all meals and materials.

$1,195 if registration is received by December 15th, 2018

$1,495 after December 15th, 2018